Transfer Point – Month of Performance Art Berlin

13 maja//May 13th
Meinblau Projektraum Berlin
Artyści//Artists: Magdalena Mellin & Katarzyna Pastuszak& Joanna Duda,  Łukasz Trusewicz, Justyna Scheuring, Konrad Juściński
Kuratorka/curated by : Agnieszka Szablikowska

The second series of performances by Polish artists, as a part of MPA-B (curated by Agnieszka Szablikowska from Raczej Gallery) continues the attempts at creating a connection between Berlin and Poznan by giving a possibility of the flow and exchange of experiences. According to the idea behind our space, the project presents a wide range of broadly defined performance art.

Raczej Gallery – a place dedicated to performance art – is located in Poznan, Poland (about a 2,5 hour drive from Berlin). This distance is both close and far; in the western world where borders are almost unnoticeable we are a meeting place in the middle between the west and the east. That’s why we are also a kind of a transfer point for a lot of performance artists. With all that potential of migration and exchange, Raczej Gallery aims primarily at promotion of Polish performance artists. This project will present Polish artists based in Poland as well as in the UK. The performances will be followed by a discussion with the artists and the curator.

Konrad Juściński takes inspiration for his projects from nature by creating multi-sensual, performative installations. Magdalena Mellin & Katarzyna Pastuszak are a duet which is an interesting, dynamic connection of different experiences of visual arts, poetry, dance and theatre. Performances by Justyna Scheuring are built on a very thought-out process as they create complex relationships between the artist and her viewers. Łukasz Trusewicz often refers in his actions to city spaces, which are his inspiration for topics and problems raised in performances but also can be a source of materials.

Konrad Juściński
Magdalena Mellin
Katarzyna Pastuszak
Joanna Duda
Justyna Scheuring
Łukasz Trusewicz

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