RELAX (It’s urgent!) / Berlin 11.05.2013

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Sobota 11 Maj 2013, 17.00, Grimmstraße 30, 10967, Berlin

Prezentacja działań Galerii w formie wykładu performatywnego w ramach wydarzenia towarzyszącego MONTH OF PERFORMANCE ART w Berlinie.

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 Polecamy też berlińską edycję festiwalu Inwazja Barbarzyńców !


Saturday, May 11th , 5 p.m. Grimmstraße 30, 10967, Berlin

Considering a fact that performance art often require a lot of physical and emotional commitment from viewers, through our presentation we would like to put the recipient in a situation that allows him to relax, or even obliges to it.

We refer to the statement or even an eternal human law, that when a man is standing, he wants to sit down but when is already sitting wants to lie down. The event will combine the performance by Łukasz Trusewicz and the performative lecture by Agnieszka Szablikowska presenting the actions from Raczej Gallery.

We want to create a situation which will present our space and activities, referring to a function of apartment lounge. The performance will complement the documentation and will bulit a relation between a space of a lounge and our Gallery in Poznan.

More info: Facebook event.

We also recommend the Berlin edition of  Barbarian Invasion Festival !

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