Nie tylko / Not Only. MPA-B 2014

Month of Performance Art Berlin
Not Only / Nie Tylko
Artyści / Artists: Anna Kalwajtys, Paweł Korbus, Łukasz Trusewicz, Hubert Wińczyk
Kuratorka / Curated by Agnieszka Szablikowska Galeria Raczej
We współpracy z / In cooperation with Teena Lange  – grüntaler9

10.05.14 g.19.00-22.00/ 7-10 p.m.

Not Only through body, space or sound. A performance series of Polish artists curated by Agnieszka Szablikowska from Raczej Gallery in Poznan – the only place in Poland completely dedicated to performance art. According to the idea behind this space, Not Only will juxtapose diversified artistic approaches to performance art.  The performances by Anna Kalwajtys deal with very strong emotions and potentially evoke them among the participants, creating moments of comprehension between observer and performer. Łukasz Trusewicz is intrigued by places where meaning has been changed by devastating effects of humans, he refers in his actions to historical memory inherent in specific spaces. Hubert Wińczyk as a musician and intermedia artist is experimenting by using different sources of sounds, and Paweł Korbus uses his scenic experience as an actor and choreographer and attempts to provoke the participants by physical perceptions of his actions. 

Review by Zwoisy Mears-Clarke

Photo. Aleks Slota

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